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Bio Practica

Bio-Practica Magnesium Diasporal 50 Sachets

Bio-Practica Magnesium Diasporal 50 Sachets

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MAGNESIUM Diasporal®

Clinically Trialled Therapeutic Magnesium with Proven Bioavailability

MAGNESIUM Diasporal is a clinically trialled high strength magnesium, which has rapid absorption into the cells to improve the body’s magnesium levels fast.

Studies show MAGNESIUM Diasporal, has excellent absorption into the plasma plus proven bioavailability into the cells.

Each MAGNESIUM Diasporal® 5.5 g sachet contains Magnesium (from citrate) 400mg


Adults: Dissolve the contents of one sachet in a glass of water. Take once daily, or as directed by your healthcare professional.

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