Collection: Bio-Practica Practitioner Only

Dispensing of Bio-Practica practitioner only products is restricted to fully qualified healthcare practitioners, or registered and practicing professionals.

Bio-Practica products may be dispensed by healthcare professionals who are:

  1. Qualified with (accredited) training and experience in ingestible medicines and or registered.
  2. Accredited with a relevant and recognised professional association.
  3. Prescribe only after performing a professional health assessment which includes the creation and maintenance of patient records in accordance to the ethics and professional standards to which the individual Health Professional is bound.
  4. Students – students in their final year/s (third and fourth year of study), studying a recognised professional healthcare educational program, may purchase products for educational and/or personal use. Students in their final year/s (third and fourth year of study), are able to dispense products if they are under the supervision of an educational facility or working under the supervision of a fully qualified practitioner.