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SnoreMD Class 1 Registered Medical Device Adjustable Anti Snoring

SnoreMD Class 1 Registered Medical Device Adjustable Anti Snoring

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SnoreMD is a snoring solution used by Pharmacists and Sleep Physicians that’s helped thousands of people get relief from Snoring. SnoreMD is a Class 1 Medical device which is unique in that it allows you to 'micro-adjust' the advancement of the jaw in 1-millimetre increments at any time for optimal effectiveness and comfort. Thanks to this adjustability feature, the moulding process does not need to be repeated to adjust the mouth guard.

Designed, developed and made in Australia, using medical-grade co-polymers which is designed for comfort and longevity. There are no uncomfortable acrylics, screws, rubber bands, rods, or torsion, and it has a built-in cushion to be gentle on your jaw and teeth. There is a generous size air gap allowing optimal airflow to further help with comfort while sleeping.

Disclaimer: SnoreMD is a Class 1 Medical device registered with the Australian Government, Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

Why SnoreMD?

Recommended by Sleep Clinics and Pharmacists

SnoreMD has helped thousands of people

Snoring is caused by a partially closed upper airway (the nose and throat). The collapsed/relaxed neck muscles cause restricted airflow and the airway becomes too narrow for air to travel through to the lungs. This makes the surrounding tissues vibrate causing the familiar snoring sound.

Snoring may be problematic because it can be a symptom of an underlying medical problem that needs treatment, and because it can be terribly disruptive to the rest of the household.

Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Can I use SnoreMD with dentures? For people with partial dentures, if there are enough teeth in the front to hold the device securely in place, then SnoreMD may be an option for you. However, SnoreMD is not designed for individuals with full dentures. Because SnoreMD holds your jaw in a slightly forward position, having dentures may not keep SnoreMD in a secure position throughout the night. By taking out the dentures at night, there may not be enough hold between SnoreMD and the gums to keep the device secure throughout the night.
  2. Can I use SnoreMD if I have a severe overbite? If you have a severe overbite please seek advice from your dentist prior to purchasing.
  3. Can I breathe through my mouth while wearing SnoreMD? Yes! SnoreMD lets you breathe completely naturally, through your mouth and nose.
  4. How long does it take to feel comfortable with SnoreMD? Typically, the adjustment period takes about 3-5 nights of consistent use. It is perfectly normal for your jaw, teeth, and gums to feel moderately sore and fatigued at first as this is a foreign object that you are introducing into your mouth. If you consider the amount of time you have been suffering from snoring, a few days is a short amount of time to achieve comfortable and succesful results.
  5. When can I see benefits? The benefits of a good night’s sleep and waking up feeling refreshed can begin immediately! Also allow several weeks for the body to become completely used to sleeping with SnoreMD.


Disclaimer: Pharmacists and Sleep Physicians use and sell SnoreMD from the following Pharmacies and Sleep Clinics in Australia & New Zealand: Discount Drug Stores, Amcal, Guardian, Calanna Whole Health Pharmacy, Chemist King, Whole Health Pharmacy & Health Foods, Super Pharmacy Plus, Pharmacy 777, Pharmacy Alliance, Lullaby Sleep, Healthy Sleep Solutions, Synergy Sleep, Harvey Norman & Sleep Well Clinic.


SnoreMD is a Class 1 Medical Device

SnoreMD is designed to gently hold the lower jaw in a slightly forward position to help prevent your tongue from collapsing into your throat. In doing this it reduces the risk of soft tissues falling close enough together to vibrate and cause the dreadful snoring sound. When your airway is kept free of obstruction, your body gets the proper oxygen it needs throughout the night to allow for a more restful night’s sleep.

This Australian-made product has a sleek, light weight design and all medical-grade co-polymers and components. There are no uncomfortable acrylics, screws, rubber bands, rods, or torsion, and it has a built-in cushion to be gentle on your teeth. There is a generous size air gap separating the upper and lower portions. This also minimises the claustrophobic feeling some get wearing certain mouthpieces.


Fully Adjustable & Designed for Comfort

SnoreMD is fully adjustable in 10 x 1mm increments. This adjustability feature allows you to personalise your fit without having to go through the remoulding process.

This also allows you to detach the upper and lower trays allowing you to clean every surface keeping your SnoreMD as hygienic as possible. To clean SnoreMD, simply use your tooth brush and tooth paste. Avoid submersing your SnoreMD in any other liquids.


SnoreMD is Easily Fitted in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Successful results with SnoreMD start with following these fitting instructions:

1 Place water in pot and boil over stove. Once boiling, turn stove off and carefully remove pot from hot element

2 Once the water stops bubbling, place your SnoreMD into the water for precisely 30 seconds

3 Quickly remove your SnoreMD from boiled water using tongs, then submerge for 2 - 3 seconds in a cup of water at room temperature before placing into your mouth to begin the moulding process

4 Put your SnoreMD into your mouth ensuring the ‘U Symbol’ on the upper tray is at the top. Bite down firmly for 30 seconds. While biting down, close your mouth and suck in to form a vacuum. Press fingers on your cheeks, and your tongue against the inside part of your SnoreMD to mould the material around your teeth

5 Remove SnoreMD from your mouth and place into a cup of cold water to set the mould

6 You are now ready to begin using your SnoreMD and ensure to start using at the factory setting of 3

Dental Grade Quality

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SnoreMD's design is derived from years of engineering, research and development in close consultation with Doctors.

SnoreMD is made from all medical grade co-polymers and is BPA and Latex free.

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