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Bio-Practica Toxaprevent Medi Plus 30 Sachets

Bio-Practica Toxaprevent Medi Plus 30 Sachets

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Medical Device to Strengthen the Gastrointestinal Wall Barrier

TOXAPREVENT® contains MANC® (modified and activated natural clinoptilolite). Clinoptilolite is a highly researched medicinal volcanic mineral.

TOXAPREVENT® strengthens the intestinal wall barrier by effectively removing toxins and intestinal irritants from the intestinal tract.

Each TOXAPREVENT® MEDI PLUS sachet contains:

Clinoptilolite (MANC)®
Calcium carbonate
Magnesium carbonate

Adults: 1 sachet mixed with plenty of liquid (e.g. a glass with 300 mL of water) once or twice daily.
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